Introducing Matrix Total Results Dark Envy

Seeing Red?  Enrich dark brown bases with Dark Envy - Our first range of toning-hair care that neutralizes red undertones!
What causes red undertones in dark bases?  Red undertones can be caused by sun exposure, water, water/chlorine, bleaching or highlighting and chemical processes or excessive use of hot tools.


Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo is a green color-depositing toning shampoo that enriches dark bases and neutralizes red undertones.  With a combination of blue-yellow direct dyes, the shampoo leaves a cool, deep and glossy finish.
How to use: wearing suitable gloves, apply to wet hair,  and lather.  Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse well. Follow with either Dark Envy Conditioner or Neutralizing Hair Mask.


Total Results Dark Envy Conditioner is a non-color depositing  conditioner that enriches both natural & colored dark bases by deeply hydrating every fiber, and enhancing manageability.  Provides a rich, radiant and glossy finish with a signature fragrance of citrus, jasmine and cedarwood.


Total Results Dark Envy Neutralization Hair Mask has a complex concentration of dyes to neutralize red undertones on dark brunette bases while deeply nourishing the hair fiber and leaving an incredible sheen.  The end result is a deep and cool, glossy finish!
How to use: wash with Dark Envy Shampoo, and rinse.  Wearing gloves, apply to wet hair avoiding the scalp area. Process up to 5 minutes and rinse well. Style hair as usual and use weekly.